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Titanium & Alloy Steel Tube

Titanium & Alloy Steel Tube whose strength are stronger than other alloys are characterized by high anti- corrosion,especially in the sea water or ammonia-containing medium.Their heat resistance is also higher than such alloys as aluminum and zine,They are widely used in the fields of chemical industry,petroleum,space,paper-making,machine and automobile.

Cold drawn and cold rolling precision seamless steel tube

We can produce many kinds of seamless steel tubes with good surface,good precision and with all kinds of heat treatment deliverycondition

Shaped steel tube

Mainly used in automoto bearing,textile,mechanical,etc

Seamless steel tube for boiler and Pressure vessel

Mainly used in pressure vessel,chemistry,oil industry,medicine,etc

Bearing Ring

SizeWe also can supply non-standard bearing rings with OD ranging from 22mm to 70mm and ID from 10mm to 40mm

Seamless stainless steel tube

GB/T 14975Seamless stainless steel tube for structure
GB/T 14976Seamless stainless steel tube for liguid delivery
GB 13296Seamless stainless steel for boiler and heat exchanger

Bearing steel tube

mainly used in inner and outer rings for all kinds of bearings

Seamless steel tube for structure and liquid delivery

mainly used in mechanical,automto,oil chemistry,etc